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SHIPPING CONTRACT: The Shipper AUTHORIZES EXPRESITO CARGA as the Indirect Air Carrier And it's sub contracted agents to operate in conjuction with under regulatory control of the TSA-APPROVED Security Program to create "KNOWN SHIPPER" status. We confirm herewith that this contract has been executed at least 7 days prior to first shipment between EXPRESTO CARGA. This contract is a "NON-EXCLUSIVE SHIPPING CONTRACT" and will cover a series of shipments between EXPRESTO CARGA and the shipper above named. EXPRESTO CARGA understands that any intentional falsification of certification to an air carrier may be subject to both civil and criminal penalties under 49 CFR 1540.103 AND TITLE18 USC 100. I the shipper consent to an inspection of this cargo as per TSA regulation.    Nota: "Póliza de seguro cubre pérdida total, no averias o perdidas parciales"
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